Tuesday, March 21, 2017

30 day photo challenge 2

day 1-favorite food

day 2-smile

day 3-happiness

day 4-leaves

day 5-morning sky

day 6-books

day 7-something funny

day 8-favorite color

day 9-inspiring person

day 10-nature

day 11-something old

day 12-hair

day 13-written words

day 14-movement

day 15-leading lines

day 16-symmetry and patterns

day 17-framing

day 18-depth of field

day 19-rule of thirds

day 20-best friend

day 21-where you sleep

day 22-in your closet

day 23-graditude

day 24-something new

day 25-animals

day 26-worms eye view of trees

day 27-artwork

day 28-daily routine

day 30- light